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Check out these jams that Tyler has playing on repeat right now.:

Crime Pays – Freddie Gibbs

"Crime Pays" by Freddie Gibbs is a captivating and gritty track that showcases the rapper's impeccable flow and lyrical prowess. The song features a haunting beat that creates a tense and ominous atmosphere, perfectly complementing Gibbs' vivid storytelling. He recounts tales of his past life as a drug dealer and the challenges that came with it, painting a vivid picture of the harsh realities of the streets. His raw and unapologetic delivery draws the listener in and keeps them hooked from start to finish.

One of the standout aspects of "Crime Pays" is the way that Gibbs seamlessly weaves together his personal experiences with larger societal issues. He touches on themes of poverty, systemic oppression, and the cyclical nature of crime in underserved communities, giving the track a deeper meaning beyond just his own story. Overall, "Crime Pays" is a must-listen for fans of hard-hitting rap music exploring the complexities of street life.

Dead of Night – Orville Peck

"Dead of Night" by Orville Peck is a haunting and atmospheric track that showcases the singer's unique blend of country and alternative rock influences. The song features Peck's signature baritone vocals, which are both powerful and emotive, backed by a sparse but effective instrumentation. The haunting melody and brooding lyrics create a sense of tension and unease, transporting the listener to a dark and mysterious world. Peck's songwriting is also on full display here, as he weaves a narrative of lost love and longing that is both personal and universal.

One of the standout aspects of "Dead of Night" is the way that Peck incorporates a variety of musical influences into his sound. The track draws on elements of classic country, alternative rock, and even gothic music, creating a unique and genre-defying sound that is all his own. The production is also top-notch, with every instrument and element of the mix carefully crafted to create a cohesive and immersive listening experience. Overall, "Dead of Night" is a standout track from one of the most exciting and original voices in music today.

Friday (Strip Club) - SpaceGhostPurpp

"Friday (strip club)" by SpaceGhostPurpp is a hard-hitting track that showcases the rapper's unique style and contribution to the development of Florida rap. The song features a hypnotic beat that is both gritty and psychedelic, perfectly complementing Purpp's ominous delivery. His lyrics touch on a variety of themes, from street life to drug use, and he delivers them with a raw intensity that draws the listener in. What sets Purpp apart from other rappers is his willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles, creating a sound that is uniquely his own. Purpp is an important figure in the development of Florida rap, having been a part of the influential Raider Klan collective in the early 2010s. Along with other artists like Denzel Curry and Yung Simmie, Purpp helped to popularize a new wave of rap that was heavily influenced by the state's distinctive sound and culture. His music often incorporates elements of Southern hip-hop, Miami bass, and even punk rock, creating a sound that is both innovative and deeply rooted in Florida's musical history. Overall, "Friday (strip club)" is a standout track from one of the most important and influential artists in modern rap

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