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The Abbey Bar is back! ...With Some Help from Moon Peak Productions

Music aficionados, rejoice! The heart of Harrisburg, PA, is about to

beat to the rhythm of live music once again. The Appalachian Brewing

Company proudly announces the triumphant return of The Abbey Bar—a

revered sanctuary for unforgettable live performances and


A Legacy Reborn

Nestled in the core of Harrisburg, The Abbey Bar is set to reopen its

doors on February 1st, 2024, in an illustrious partnership with Moon

Peak Productions. This collaboration marks the revival of a musical

legacy, promising a fusion of exceptional talent, culture, and

community within the historical capital city venue.

Elevating the Experience

The grand reopening heralds a pivotal moment for live music devotees,

as The Abbey Bar reclaims its stature as one of Harrisburg's premier

performance destinations. The revamped space features a

state-of-the-art sound system, a fully remodeled outdoor deck,

captivating décor, and enhanced amenities for both artists and

patrons. These meticulous upgrades position the venue to deliver

unparalleled entertainment experiences.

"The Abbey Bar has been a second home to musicians and a cherished

tour stop in Harrisburg's vibrant community," shares Sarah Combs,

co-owner of Moon Peak Productions, alongside husband Pat Combs.

"Music's intimacy is profound. Sharing a new favorite artist or song

is a gift, and that's integral to Moon Peak's mission," adds Pat.

A Grand Celebration

The Abbey Bar's Grand Reopening Celebration on February 10th, 2024,

promises an electrifying event. Local favorites, The Dirty Sweet, will

headline with their famed "Bump & Grind" Valentine's Day performance.

Partnering with Greenbelt Events, this celebration aims to encapsulate

the vivacity of Harrisburg's live music scene.

A Diverse Musical Palette

Post-reopening, Moon Peak Productions curates a diverse lineup

catering to varied musical tastes while nurturing local talent and

welcoming global artists. Beyond weekend concerts, the venue plans

community-minded events such as game nights, pottery classes, open jam

sessions, and dance classes, fostering inclusivity and


A Complete Experience

With Mountain Laurel Catering, Moon Peak Productions offers

comprehensive banquet services for The Abbey Bar,

transforming it into a versatile event destination in central PA.

Join the Journey

Witness the revival of The Abbey Bar, where the power of live music

converges with the vibrant spirit of the community. Mark your

calendars, secure your tickets, and be part of this exhilarating

chapter in Harrisburg's musical legacy.

For more information, ticket purchases, and upcoming event updates,

visit Moon Peak Productions or follow Moon Peak Productions and The

Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company on social media: @moonpeakproductions, @theabbeybar.

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